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DUC MONSTER FRAME SLIDER KIT 696/796/1100 - Large Pucks

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    DUC MONSTER FRAME SLIDER KIT 696/796/1100 - Large Pucks
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Ducati Monster 696/796/1100 Frame Slider Kit – Large Puck
(Pucks included)

Our Monster 696/796/1100 frame sliders were designed specifically for the Penguin Roadracing School’s new fleet of rental bikes. We designed these sliders extra large to protect the frame while also protecting the expensive fuel tank. The large 4” pucks offer a massive sliding surface and help distribute the load over a large portion of the frame. We made similar sliders that literally survived dozens of crashes on the older Supersport models.

The slider bases are fully supported, bolting directly to the frame instead of using a single motor mount. These sliders are a great alternative to unsupported sliders which we have actually seen damage the engine cases on many Ducati models.