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ZX10R 06-07 FRAME SLIDER KIT (1099)

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    ZX10R 06-07 FRAME SLIDER KIT (1099)
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Kawasaki ZX10 (06-07) Frame Slider Kit

Woodcraft frame sliders stand out in a market crowded with look-alike options. Our patented design features a universal slider puck that fits nearly all slider models. What makes the Woodcraft design unique is the perpendicular attachment bolt for the puck. Because we do not have to hollow out the center of the puck, we can leave the sliding surface of the puck solid. This provides 48% more plastic to slide on, dramatically improving puck life. The side mount also eliminates the hassle of trying to dig out a puck replacement bolt through a distorted hole.

The plastic pucks that come with this model are the short standard pucks (part number 50-1399) in order to give this kit the optimum amount of puck protruding from the fairing.

The left side has a special support base to clear the water bottle and to give the slider the strength it needs to hold up in a crash.

Note: This slider kit requires cutting holes in the bodywork for the pucks. This allows us to make the sliders as strong as possible to ensure that they are able to do the job of protecting the bike should you need to use them.

(50-1399 pucks recommended for racing)