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GSXR6/750 K6-L0 48-50mm CLIP-ONS

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    GSXR6/750 K6-L0 48-50mm CLIP-ONS
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50/48mm Clipon Assembly, GSXR600/750 ’06-10

Woodcraft 2-piece split clipons are specially designed to make installation and removal a snap. Our 2-piece design is race proven and makes it easy to service your clipons below the triple clamp without having to disassemble the entire front end. Special attention has also been taken to save weight wherever possible. The bars are 12” long and are easily adjusted to whatever custom width you desire.
The forks on these bikes taper just below the triple clamp to a smaller diameter, leaving traditional 50mm clipons with a clamping area that is not wide enough to grab the entire clipon. Unlike standard 50mm clipons, our stepped GSXR clipons allow you keep stock ride height or to lower your front end on the 06+ GSXR600/750 and still be able to properly clamp the fork.
These clipons are sold in pairs and include both handlebars. For the GSXR’s, we recommend the 12-3245 reservoir mounting bracket with the purchase of these clipons.