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APR RSV4 2008-2010 REARSETS - complete

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    APR RSV4 2008-2010 REARSETS - complete
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Aprilia RSV4 2008-2010 Full Rearsets, Clear Anodized

Woodcraft is proud to introduce our rearsets for the beautiful new Aprilia RSV4. The rearset kit consists of the rearset plates, footpegs, heel guards and all of the needed hardware (shift rods, etc) to install the kit properly. They are much stronger than OEM rearset’s and will give your bike a look that will separate you from the crowd.

This kit is designed specifically for the RSV4 to give you the optimum foot position and ground clearance for racing or track days. This kit has 6 possible peg locations moving the pegs in the following range : (Up 1/4-3/4” &Back 1/8-5/8”). This kit includes CFM 3 piece billet shift and brake pedals.

Our rearsets are machined from tough, aircraft grade 6061 T6 aluminum. We chose this material specifically because it provides the best combination of strength and durability. Other grades, such as 7075 generally tend to crack, instead of bend, when they are met with an impact. The use of 6061 allows our brackets to simply bend under stress instead of snapping off or cracking when they are crashed heavily. Rearsets made from 6061 can be often bent straight or even be welded (by a certified welder) whereas 7075 tends simply to crack or break and is much more difficult to weld.

Note: Replacement parts are available
(Up 1/4-3/4” & Back 1/8-5/8”)