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MORIWAKI Full Exhaust System One Piece – Revo – Black – Honda CB400 SF & CB400 SB – 2008-2017.

[Material] Stainless steel
[Volume] Proximity exhaust noise: 93dB
[Specification] Government certified exhaust (for vehicle inspection) – Japan
[Maintenance Data]
Removing and installing the oil drain bolt: Available
Change oil filter: Not available
Centre Stand Availability: Not available

*There may be changes in product specifications due to manufacturer’s reasons.

[History of Moriwaki and CB400SF]
20 years have passed since the launch of CB400SF.
Moriwaki has been developing products for many years with this vehicle, which has always been extremely popular in the medium displacement class.
Moriwaki started racing in the NK4 class in 1994.
Using CB400SF as a base vehicle, we built an original racing complete machine called “MR496/497” and in order to improve the performance of the machine, the swing arm was reinforced, the suspension was changed, and for the engine power, the original products were developed in detail from the intake to the exhaust system.
With the racing exhaust system, it is possible to achieve the absolute speed and easy handling power performance that any rider would want, therefore, in 1995 and 1996, it won the Suzuka NK4 class 4-hour endurance race for the second year in a row in a crowded field.
Although unofficial, it marked a Suzuka record time of 2: 21.86 at the time.
By racing to the limit of the machine, we could get the know-how to bring out the potential of the whole CB400SF.

[Technology that never stops evolving]
The CB400SF has been evolved and changed to the current model in 2008.
Moriwaki has been developing CB400SF products for about 20 years since the NK4 era, and the technologies cultivated at that time have been fed back to the current products.

ZERO series is adopted to the current CB400SF as a continuation of the tradition of MR496 / 497.
The outside diameter of the silencer is 100Ph to match the sharpness of the vehicle, and by making it as compact as possible, it expresses a “unified and simple beauty” rather than a single exhaust.
In addition, we have added a bold taste to the sophisticated aesthetics by developing the silencer of 115Ph
By using the lightest weight material, titanium, from the pipe to the silencer, the beauty with a sense of luxury will continue even after a long period of use.
By including the traditional Moriwaki one-piece in the lineup, we were able to incorporate classic modern elements into a modern vehicle with a lightweight feel.
In order to meet a wide range of requests for price, we have also prepared a slip-on version, while the sound quality is comparable to that of other exhausts.

In order to express the tone of the V-TECH high-spec engine, we developed the basic concept of “a collection of sounds that are layered on top of each other” rather than a simple sound quality.
The large-diameter silencer end caps contribute to the sound production, and the large wavelength of this bass sound is not only experienced audibly, but also transmitted to the ride