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YAM FJR1300 2006+ Black

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    YAM FJR1300 2006+ Black
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HeliBars handlebars riser for Yamaha FJR1300 2006-onwards
HR09079 = Silver, HR09079-BA = Black (All images are of the silver version)

HeliBars Tour Performance Handlebar Bridge for the US & European Model FJR1300’s from 2006 onwards, including FJR1300A / FJR1300AE / FJR1300AS / FJR1300ES models.

Super Bike Performance Touring Bike Comfort

Since introducing the replacement triple clamp for the FJR we have heard from many users that wondered why we went with this design vs. a standard riser under the stock handlebars. The triple clamp afforded the rider a many benefits first there was the benefit of moving the bars closer to the rider (risers alone wouldn’t have accomplished this) second we narrowed the stock triple clamp to gain slack in lines and third we gave it a two pinch bolt design vs. the stock single. While the benefits were substantial we had many that didn’t want to change the triple clamp out due to the cost for installation and the price of the product. Recently, with the introduction of HST bars for other models we have had a clammoring for HST bars for the FJR. We brought the bike in house with the full intention of producing a set of HST (Horizon Sport Touring, multi adjustable bars.) However, upon close inspection and some design work we determined the cost to the end user would be too great. It would have required all new lines, wiring and the controls would have needed to be altered. So we came up with the next best thing. The HeliBars Tour Performance Handlebar Bridge.

Mounts directly under your original Yamaha handlebars and offers 3 adjustable locations. Whether you want a sport bike feel or the ultimate tour performance machine you will find your ideal “Comfort Zone” Kit includes a hydraulic line extension to lengthen your brake line. All other lines remain unchanged. Riser is pre-drilled to accept a Ram Ball (not included) or other after market device (hole is 3/8” × 16 thread pitch) CNC Machined from Solid 6061 T6 Extrusion Instructions with Photos and all Hardware Included Easy installation, in under 1.5 hours Most forward location: 1” (25mm) taller** 1 1/2” (38mm) rearward** 3” (75mm) wider than original width* – greatly improves rider leverage

Middle location:

1” (25mm) taller** 2 1/4” (57mm) rearward** 1 1/2” (38mm) wider than original width*

Most rearward location:

1” (25mm) taller** 3” (75mm) rearward** Identical width as original

**Please note that these are the true measurements taken at the wrist position, not at the fixing point or fork or triple clamp, the shape and angles of the HeliBars product give the final result required and indicated in the product description.