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HON CBR250R 2011-2013 HELIBARS

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    HON CBR250R 2011-2013 HELIBARS
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Honda CBR250R Replacement Handlebars


The CBR250R may be a small sportbike but it’s a BIG hit with it’s owners. It’s fuel economy makes it both a first choice as a commuter as well as a fun ride through the twisty bits of your favorite roads. We decided to do our magic on the 250R by blessing it with the newest member of the hand built steel HeliBars.

We gave it the tallest, most rearward hand grip position allowed by the fairing, tank, hydraulic lines and cables. Installation is a snap and all factory components are retained. This is a simple 1 hour installation.

So, enjoy this small, fuel efficient machine with big comfort results from our NEW CBR250R HeliBars.

You may find yourself sport touring longer distances.


1 1/2” taller than stock 1 1/4” rearward stock width retains all stock lines, cables & factory damper assemblies