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TRI 675 06-12 SEE NOTES

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    TRI 675 06-12 SEE NOTES
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Triumph 675 Shift STAR

Virtually eliminate missed shifts.

In 1-2 hours, you can make your shift mechanism work 10% to 20% quicker (5ms to 10ms quicker). To AMA Pro levels.When you look at quickshifter “kill” duration at 60ms, every upshift you are losing about 1/20th a second. Do 20 upshifts and you lose 1 full second of applied power. 100 upshifts and that’s 5 seconds that power is “killed” while the QS is waiting for the shift to complete. (Ever thought about that? :-)

If you quicken the shift mechanism by 10%, you decrease the shift kill time by 10% and that’s 1/2 second in 100 shifts – and we could all use an extra 1/2 second……. :-)

Of course, I can’t guarantee that you’ll drop your lap times by 1/2 sec per 100 upshifts – but – wouldn’t it be mentally less effort and cool to make missed upshifts and downshifts virtually disappear?

Virtually eliminate missed shifts Decrease shift time 5% to 10%. Can Lower ET and laptimes.

legal for AMA racing 2014.

Easier and quicker upshifts, decreased shift lever travel, fewer missed shifts and wickedly quick downshifts.

The 675 already has a good detent arm in it – no need to replace it.

This is the kit that makes the difference.
Track and street.

Note about quickshifter shift kill time:
The STAR shifts QUICKER.
You must set your quickshifter kill time 5mm to 10ms quicker or the shifting will be clunky on the track.

1 -2 hours – requires clutch basket assembly R&R to install