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    IGNITION ADVANCER +4º ZZR1100 90-99
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IGNITION ADVANCER +4degree ZZR1100 1990-2004 ZX-11 1990-2005

Ignition Advance Rotor

Improve throttle response and increase part throttle power.
This simple, bolt-on advance kit advances the timing 4 degrees. With stock engines with stock compression ratios, there is a slight power increase in different areas.
The biggest improvement is in part throttle power – improving corner exit speeds. Improved in-town drivability and quicker warm-up.
Note: If the carburetion is too lean at cruise already, the extra advance may make the cruise even a bit leaner (around the equivalent of ~.5×-1x turns of the fuel screw).
Probably +4 is a little bit too much advance for drag racing or top speed competition.
Suggest using the patented Adjustable RTR-ADJ-KAW-11 for 1 degree increment tuneability.