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GSX-R750 L/M 90-91 JET KIT

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    GSX-R750 L/M 90-91 JET KIT
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GSX-R750 L/M 90-91 JET KIT

Today, this kit would be called a RaceKit in “Factory Pro speak”.

This kit activates the Powerjet circuit (if the carbs came with a “zero” sized jet and in countries that have the powerjet circuit already activated, puts the correct sizes of jets for the proper ratio of both the jet sizes.
Adds more low-end / midrange, if the proper main jet and powerjet is selected, more top-end power. Easy to install and tune – no slide drilling.
Note! When replacing a dj kit with Factory Pro components, be sure to replace the emulsion tubes with stock, Suzuki tubes (available from Suzuki). The dynojet emulsion tubes will not work with standard type replacement needles. The Mikuni emulsion tubes have ID numbers and the dynojet tubes are not marked with any part number.