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ZRX1200 '01-06' JET KIT

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    ZRX1200 '01-06' JET KIT
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ZRX1200 ’01-06’ JET KIT

Boosts power a bit at full throttle, improves throttle response and wheelie ability. Definitely pulls harder out of 2nd and 3rd gear corners! No slide drilling.
Fuel delivery below 4k is controlled by the fuel level (aka “float height”). To properly dial-in the full throttle/low rpm power, fine adjustment is always beneficial. If the bike responds to full throttle at 3000 rpm OK when cooler, but not quite as well when fully warmed up, the fuel level is too rich – and you need to lean it out -
As used and recommended by the late Ken Wooton of AMCN on his ZRX1200 project bike