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ZX9R 2000-2001 RACE JET KIT

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    ZX9R 2000-2001 RACE JET KIT
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ZX9R 2000-2001 RACE JET KIT

Testing on the 00-01 ZX-9R indicates that it has the same high rpm fuel curve problems as the 94-97 ZX-9R and the 95-97 ZX-6R. There is hp to be had at high rpm by correcting the high rpm fuel curve and main jet stagger. This is something that can be easily identified with a 4 Gas, Low Inertia EC997 Eddy Current Dynamometer, but not on a model 250 dyno anything.

This is the ONLY carb kit that WILL eliminate the abrupt on / off throttle “feature” when properly tuned AND allow the tuner to improve high rpm power up to 2%-3%, without hurting low-end and midrange power. If anybody says that somebody else’s jet kit works as well, then 99% probability, they’ve never used this kit.

This kit includes pilots, mains, Factory Pro’s emulsion tubes, drills, m.a.j. mod tools, allen screws, simple instruction and took almost 4 months to produce