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*DISCONTINUED* JET KIT ZX-7R 1996 - 2003 incl.Emulsion Tubes

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    *DISCONTINUED* JET KIT ZX-7R 1996 - 2003 incl.Emulsion Tubes
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JET KIT ZX-7R 1996 – 2003
Best “drop-in” kit. Boosts power a bit at full throttle, improves throttle response and wheelie ability. Definitely pulls harder out of 2nd and 3rd gear corners.

This is the only brand of carb kit made that can run smoothly below 3000 rpm on the zx7r. The dynojet kit doesn’t – (and it can’t ever). This is the one carb kit made that contains different needle jets (also called emulsion tubes) instead of different needles. The problem with about 80% of the 750’s is that they are normally on the lean side at low rpm and the emulsion tube needs to be changed and then the stock needles work well, even with no shimming (WITH the different Factory Pro needle jets / emulsion tubes.
This kit is also available from Muzzy’s.

Note that we said “80%” of the zx7r’s…..
About 20% of the zx7r’s are “different”.
Those are usually the “7r’s” that were too rich, even when all stock.
On THOSE bikes……. we suggest to install the carb kit and follow the kit float height settings. If that’s too rich and stumbly at low rpm and you DID properly set the float height, then, lean out the float 1mm to try to lean the low end.