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    CBR600F3 95-98 RACE JET KIT
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It is called a Factory PRO “RaceKit” because there are some modifications done to the carb body that should be done by an experienced mechanic / tuner – It is not a “drop-in / no drilling required” kit like the Config 10 and the “1.1-Ti” ProKits are. Mods consist of removing the original main air jets, tapping the carb body to accept replaceable main air jets and that’s about it for the tricky bits. So, if you are confident in your ability to tap an expensive set of carb bodies, this IS the highest performing, cleanest running carb recal kit available – from anywhere.
This kit WILL allow the engine to produce the it’s best top-end power – without sacrificing low and midrange power. Generally, the engine will produce 1-2 more True HP and 2-4 djhp.
Adding a +4 degree Advance will pick up the part throttle response, too – making the engine more lively when rolling on the throttle exiting corners and snappier (wheelie prone) when driving in town (you hooligan!)….. For ultimate adjustability, get the Adjustable!
To shift quicker and virtually eliminate missed shifts, get the SHFT-PRO-HON-21 kit. How cool is the Trans Kit? “Kick it out of one gear and it’ll go into the next gear!”
Even in 2001, a slightly modified 93-98 600 can still be competitive in racing – with the right mods. A BMC Race filter, a bit more compression, a bit of port work……