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    HR01033 NLA
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Honda ST1300 Handlebar Risers – Pilot Model (2003-2013)

4 Degree decrease in Ram Ball mounting Angle. New Cover design positions Ram Ball at a more vertical angle reducing stress to the threaded mount greatly reducing the chance of the Ram Ball coming loose.

HeliBars has always taken advantage of opportunites to improve it’s products, even those as successful as it’s ST1300 Bar Adapter, and successful it has been!

2 Taller (50mm) than stock (1 higher than our original design) 2.5 Rear Offset (62mm) closer to the rider (1/2 additional reduction in reach than our original design) 2 ½ degree reduction in handgrip rearward angle. This single update is the most significant in terms of true long distance comfort because it rotates the riders wrist into a more natural position. The Pilot® version features a Powerlet outlet. (This is NOT a cigarette lighter style. It is a European Style for a more secure connection.) For addional information go to www.Powerlet.com For additional information on all of Ram Mount Product check them out at www.Ram-Mount.com

Additional update features:

Larger more rigid rubber anti flex bumpers greatly reduce unwanted handlebar movement. Drain holes placed at the bottom of the main mounting bolt counter bores eliminates water from pooling and rusting the hardware. Re-designed shape with contoured cover vastly improves appearance fit and function. Allows easier access to air filter maintenance. Contoured cut channels position control housing wire looms neatly in place and keeps them from being pinched by the fuel tank at full lock positon. Improved viewing in mirrors. 3 different models to give you those additional features you may require.

Genuine HeliBars Comfort Without Compromise.